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​I was born and raised in rural southern Ontario, and now reside in Toronto where I attend OCADU for drawing and painting. However my interests are greatly varied. I have a craft background, and I like combining various mediums, textiles and found objects into my work.  I have also completed a glass blowing apprenticeship with Blown Away Studios, and am currently learning the art of tattoo.

As a child and adolescent I spent a lot of time outdoors exploring the woods, and forging a bond with the natural world. I am highly inspired by nature, trees and the dark unknown aspect of the forest and the things that lurk within.

I like making art that speaks to the viewer about the mysterious nature of the wilderness.

I like leading my viewers down forgotten paths with unknown destinations. Where birds sing and fauna frolic. Where ancient trees stand as sentinel witnesses to the corruption of innocence and beauty.

Where one, if not careful could easily be lured by the lush moss covered forest floor, to a place in the clearing where butterflies flutter and snow falls loudly. To a place of great beauty and dangerous truths.

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